ECOLOGICAL INNOVATION: four Bullet SKU (PK 311, PK 342, PK 442 and PK 914) obtained C2C Silver Certificate in 2016, responding to the fast growing demand of eco-responsible solutions.

FROM SEVEN TO ONE: one pallet of Bullet’s refills equals to seven of ready-to-use conventional cleaners, drastically reducing storage space and cost.

SAFEST FOR USERS: prevents chemical hazard, totally avoiding any contact with concentrated chemicals.

EASY TO USE: just insert the cartridge, twist and spray! Bullet system does not require a dosing system or any additional installation.

Imagine a dynamic business that moves lightweight, with a great respect for the environment. A new way to create value by reducing cost. A unique opportunity that combines competitiveness with the simplicity and safety of a system recognised worldwide. That is BULLET: a cartridge instead of a bottle. A solution to make storage and distribution easier by a huge reduction of volumes.
Bullet is a super-concentrated cleaners’ range, designed to make cleaning operations costeffective and ecologically responsible. This innovative solution guarantees maximum reduction of storage space, waste disposal and logistic expenses. Bullet replaces traditional RTU products, without requiring dosing systems and reducing training.
Bullet line has been developed for daily cleaning in restaurants, hotels, schools, offices and any other facility. It is the result of the best actual chemistry research in chemical detergent evolution. In 2016, four products of the line obtained the C2C (Cradle-to-Cradle) Silver Certificate.
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